It’s official! I’ve entered the Oct 16th Broadway bomb!!   This is gonna be super siiiiiiiiiccccccckk!  It’s a three day event, the Broadway bomb is on saturday October 16th.  I’m already anxious, nervous and excited! Hope to see ya’ll there. I’m deciding on what i’ll wear. Any suggestions?


Push culture in the blogs.

I found this while surfing longboarding blogs   

I’m a fan of this blog already. For all my fellow female athletes it’s a really good read. I had no idea there was a roxy competition for womens’ longboarding. i’m happy to see all the other longboard blogs out there. Keeping pushing,carving and sliding longboarders!

Mastering the one foot balance and breaking faces!

Today’s training session went well. I spent an hour and 40 plus minutes with Chris (my akido teacher) learning locking, blocking ,kicking and some nasty Gracie techniques. Then I started my longboarding session. I’m getting better at gliding when I stop, my ankle didn’t bother me. It’s still a bit swollen.  I’m still bad at balancing on one foot on the board. i’ll be better before meeting up with adam this saturday I intend to start doing switch foot next week. However, I must master the art of balance on a moving board. For now I’m gonna go soak my foot.

The art of the stop and balance.

Ok. I had a session with my coach Adam today. I told him about my issues with stopping on the board. Namely slamming my foot on the ground hard to stop, which is the reason I sprained my ankle. He corrected me and put me through rigorous training -tic tac (changing direction on the board using your back foot and your hips to pivot and swing the board). I forgot to bring my flip camera – next session! I also had to balance on the board with one foot. this I need to master before i move on to dancing and doing switch foot (changing your lead foot with the one that’s pushing). i only made it to 3 seconds. It’s harder than it looks since the board is moving while your doing it. I will master this before my next session. One of my goals this week. Good news – my ankle is alot better. Sweet!!

Until next time keep pushing!

Saturday not going as planned.

Ok. My ankle is still swollen, it’s been about three weeks now. I might have to get it checked out. It doesn’t hurt  so that’s a plus. I’ll have to keep off it. I was hoping to meet up with my longboard trainer, Adam today at Bustin Boards skate shop. However a family emergency prevented that so i sent him a text to see if we can link up tomorrow. I also met up with my Martial Arts trainer today, a recent development, he’ll be teaching me for FREE. SUPER SWEET!! That was one of my other challenges in my “100 day create my own reality challenge”. We finally worked out a training schedule, the weekdays are best for both of us!

July 20th

Konbanwa (Good evening)!

Tomorrow is the 31st anniversary of  my birth. Not looking forward to it, heck i don’t celebrate birthdays so it doesn’t matter. However, I will be taking advantage of all the bday discounts 😉 . Of course I will be Skating on my Sojourn Longboard.  There are some fancy footwork tricks i want and need to master. I also have build on speed which will be hard considering my ankle is still a bit swollen. I’ll start tomorrow training on my board for 2 hours  then i’ll get some breakfast. I migh also see the movie “Inception” tomorrow, not sure yet.

Mina-san, Konnichiwa! (Hi everyone!)

Mini bombI participated in the first mini bomb longboarding race hosted by the Concrete Kings on saturday July 10th 2010. Man, it was fun and challenging. I got there late unfortunately, I wasn’t alone two others were late with me. we did the whole course from 116th st to 14 union sq. Then we skated to 12 st and ave A for the BBQ and contests at open park.  Adam, my teacher and mentor won the race.